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About Jeff

Jeff Gaydash is an award winning fine art photographer and printmaker based in Detroit, Michigan. Working exclusively in black & white and focusing primarily on landscape and architecture, Jeff's images often evoke a sense of solitude and timelessness.

Jeff studied photography at Detroit's College For Creative Studies where he gained an appreciation for the work of early photographic masters such as Minor White, Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Weston, Paul Strand, Charles Scheeler and Frederick Evans. At this time he also gained an admiration for contemporary photographers Joel-Peter Witkin, Kenro Izu, Michael Kenna, among others.

These influences gave Jeff an appreciation not just for the photographic image itself, but also a gained admiration for the craft of fine art photographic printing. This led Jeff to start working with large format view cameras and contact printing on silver and platinum-based photographic papers.

In the early to mid 1990’s with digital photography still in its infancy, Jeff realized the potential of a digital workflow and embraced the new technologies with open arms. Cognizant of the potentially limitless control that was now within his grasp, Jeff adopted a digital workflow of scanning film and processing his work in image editing software. Unable to find a suitable digital equivalent to traditional fine art darkroom printing, Jeff began experimenting with the creation of digital negatives for contact printing.

Satisfied with the results but frustrated by the complex workflow, Jeff looked for ways to streamline his image making process. Traditional inkjet prints at this time simply could not provide the image quality and archival stability required to meet his high standards. Then he came across Piezography, an inkjet printing system which replaces the standard Epson inks with six or seven individual shades of monochromatic ink. By using custom drivers and printer profiles an Epson printer was now able to exceed the capabilities by which it was originally intended. Jeff adopted this system and has never looked back.

Jeff prints his own work in his digital print studio utilizing custom blends of inks on a variety of fine art papers, as well as printing on aluminum. In 2011, Jeff began offering his digital printing expertise as a service to other photographers who are looking for the highest standard in digital monochromatic printing and has printed editions for photographers throughout the world.

For more information on Jeff's photography, visit jeffgaydash.com.