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Client Testimonials

"I am a curator-photographer-writer, and for the last fifteen years I have been printing exhibitions with some of the best digital printers in the business. Amongst this group are some of the printers, who have worked for some of the greatest American photographers.

For perhaps the last six years I have had a feeling of disquiet about my printers. I think that's because they've come to think that they are - and how to say this nicely - above suggestion about what I need.

I have also been having troubles, and I have lost friends over this, in saying to my colleagues and contemporaries that much of the digital printing done on standardized printers, with the same standardized ink set, and papers -- begins to look the same.

Attempting to deal with these two difficult problems I've spent a very long time trying to work out my most basic problem. This seemed to be: How to communicate with my printers, so that what I wanted was listened to and heard.

After much frustration I decided that I had to find a printer, who was also an exceptional photographer. I had to find a colleague who would both understand my problems, then take my own work into his own place where he worked.

Maybe this was just too much: Lots of bang for the buck. A twofor. Two artists wrapped up in one ultimate photographic object.

As a photographer, who has been trying to push the envelope for over five decades what I have to say about Jeff Gaydash and his printing is that... No one I've ever worked with - this includes printers from the grand period of bromide papers in New York of the 1960's to 2000 - stands in quite the same place as Jeff.

I can't recommend Jeff's printing enough. He is unique. Astute. And brilliant. His prints are on a level that have surpassed anything I could have reasonably expected. I am now currently printing an exhibition with Jeff that is full of tangles, and photographic steeplechase jumps. It could only be printed by a great digital artist. In my mind Jeff Gaydash is that artist, and he is a man who listens."

– Clark Worswick
Books: "Best of the Year", Newsweek, Time, The NY Times, The Washington Post, The London Times, The Sunday Times, The Christian Science Monitor.

"Astonishing, bewildering, eye-opening. These adjectives would not be inappropriate to use when qualifying how I felt when I looked at my first Piezography print. Jeff was kind enough to produce two prints - one using the Piezography K7 Selenium ink-set and the other with Epson ABW K3 - so I could do a side-by-side comparison and printing process. The difference was night-and-day; the Piezography print displayed incredible shadow detail and superior tonal gradients.  It was satisfying to see all of the effort involved in capture/post-processing result in a product that closely matched what I had originally envisioned.

Jeff was extremely patient and helpful during the initial consult and clearly explained the numerous paper and ink-set choices available to me.  In my opinion, Jeff's professionalism and the technical benefits of the Piezography printing process create an unbeatable combination."

– Albert Tam / albert-tam.com

"I spent sixteen months researching and test-driving many professional printers in order to reproduce my charcoal and carbon artwork accurately. I nearly gave up until I discovered Piezography printing but the closest ones were in equal and opposite directions on the East and West coasts. Many within the central U.S. simply quit offering the service claiming it was too expensive to maintain.

I almost threw in the towel until I found Jeff's site. After an in-depth exchange of emails lasting a couple of weeks and having all my questions diligently answered, I decided to give him a shot at both his scanning service and his Piezography printing. All I can say is that it has been well worth the wait and the prints can't even come close to what other professionals have tried.

At every art fair I have attended, I bring along a couple of my original drawings and place the Piezography prints next to them. The expressions are always the same: "Wow! Such warm tones and values! And they look just like the original! Who is your printer?" Even customers who have ordered prints over my blogsite have complimented me upon receiving their prints.

In my opinion, Piezography is the ONLY way to go when printing black and white and Jeff is almost like an older brother in the way he guides you and spends time answering your questions and trying to do the best he can. You can't lose with Jeff."

– Mark A. Thimesch, artist / marksstudio.wordpress.com/

"I needed some prints to build my portfolio, and since I wanted the highest quality available, I have chosen piezography and contacted Jeff Gaydash. He helped me to find the right paper/ink combination which better suited my style, also providing me many useful tips and suggestions.  I showed my works to many successful photographers and everyone has been impressed by the vibrant tones, the beautiful deep blacks and the stunning details. If you want your art to look at its best, don't wait any longer: go for this printing service!"

– Luca Cesari / lucacesari.com

"I have spent all of of my available free time trying to figure out how to take a good photo -- and have had no time to figure out anything about the printing end. I have printed a few of my photos, but they never look quite like my original vision-- and the services that I have tried have never quite captured what I wanted either. I had more or less decided that digital printing just couldn't quite capture the monochrome tones I was trying to work with...

Jeff recently finished 5 prints for me and they just arrived. My first reaction was -- "Did I actually take these pictures?" My second reaction was, "What strange digital alchemy is this?" Words just don't adequately describe the quality, tone, contrast and texture. A sound somewhere between a sigh, a laugh of joy and an "Oh yeah!" would be much more effective...

...I have found a wonderful partnership with someone who truly understands monochrome work-- both creating his own and helping others to bring their work fully to life with his expertise."

– Nathan Wirth / nlwirth.com

"Jeff needs no introduction, everyone in the world of black and white fine art photography knows already that his prints are the best one can find. The care he takes in his printing work is exceptional, he will work on the print until it looks perfect, something maybe not even the photographer himself would do. I've had my work printed by Jeff more than once and I trust him with all my limited edition prints because I was impressed by his method and the results he gets from even the first print he sent me.

I work a lot with dark tones which are not very easy to print, especially the smooth tonal transitions, and I was extremely pleased by how perfectly Jeff's prints have shown the subtle detail in tones and how faithfully the print reproduces the original image I see on my monitor. Printed by him, my images become alive. Jeff Gaydash is a real master of black and white printing, not to mention a very talented photographer that understands everything about fine art photography. I'm really happy he's the one printing my work."

– Julia Anna Gospodarou / juliaannagospodarou.com