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The Highest Quality Black And White Printing

Jeff Gaydash Studios uses a proprietary printing process called Piezography to create the finest black and white digital prints available. The system utilizes up to seven shades of carbon grayscale inks driven by special software in an Epson printer. The tone of the image is determined by the ink set installed in the printer. Available ink sets range from selenium, neutral, warm neutral to carbon/sepia. This is a radical departure from most print studios where black and white prints are produced using the standard K3 system which relies on color inks and heavy dithering algorithms to achieve the illusion of a full range of grayscale tones.

Piezography bypasses the Epson printer driver, instead utilizing specialized RIP software and custom profiles created specifically for each ink, paper and printer combination. The end result is a true continuous tone image with smoother tonal range, greater detail and overall, unmatched print quality.

Piezography inks are 100% pure carbon pigment, offering great image permanence and historical longevity. The Piezography Carbon ink set is by far the most fade resistant ink tested by the Aardenburg Imaging & Archives. If image permanence is your primariy concern, this is the ink for you.

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